On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 1:49 PM, Klaus Schmidinger
>  I'd really like to know why some broadcasters don't adhere to the standards
>  (even though it would be a child's game). Are they actively refusing to, 
> unable
>  to interpret the standard documents, or just flat out dumb?

I don't think it's a law they have to and if that's the case, why
should they adhere to them?  Maybe they think they have a better way
of doing things, or something more suited for the way their systems
are set up.  Unless it's a law, it's a recommendation and we all know
a lot of the time people choose not to follow them.

I wish everyone did follow one set of guidelines just to make what we
do easier but if I were a provider I can't honestly say that would be
a priority unless we didn't have our own hardware to provide to our

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