On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 7:57 AM, Klaus Schmidinger
>  VDR stores channel numbers as integers. So if you want to
>  have a numbering scheme where you have channels "between" other
>  channels, you need to make room for these additional entries.
>  And the only way I see to do this is to shift all numbers one
>  digit to the left.

For example, channel 6.1 should not become 61 and force the real 61 to
become something else.  It's pretty obvious thats a terrible way to
address the issue.  The idea is to keep channel numbers in sync with
the provider, not change it all around because of a personal dislike.

Yes, I understand at present VDR stores channel numbers as integers,
and maybe that should change to better suit current/future needs
(scaled integers?).  Afterall, channel numbers aren't defined as
integers by specification, that was simply a VDR design decision made
long ago when this issue didn't exist.

If you are really disgusted by using "." (which -is- the most commonly
accepted & used numbering sub-system) to denote sub-channels then
maybe someone can brainstorm a different solution that's reasonable.
Hopefully others will chime in on this although I think Timothy Lenz's
previous post sums it up pretty clearly...

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