On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 12:32 PM, Tony Grant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello fans of British TV.
> At the moment I watch the FTA channels on 28.2/28.5 E I am thinking of
> investing £20 in a FTV card for the new freesat service.
> Is anyone using the card (or the sky card for existing service) with
> VDR? What kind of DVB-S card do you have (budget or FF)? What brand?

Hi Tony,

You can use a Dragon or Diablo CAM with your pay tv card and a FF /
budget card with CI interface, in fact I have tried this with my
Freesat card and it does work. There will be neglible impact on
performance. However, you will need to put your card in an original
Set Top Box once a month to update the card. This will work for all
channels, including HD.

It is also possible to do the whole thing in software using a phoenix
interface (no piracy involved here, just using the phoenix interface
to communicate with your original smart card). This will have more
impact on performance but will still probably be OK.  However, the
broadcaster may at some point decide to change the CAM encoding
format, rendering all but original set top boxes useless (although
this hasn't happened in 2-3 years).

BTW: You do not need a smart card for the forthcoming new FreeSat
service from BBC and ITV, it is all unencrypted (Channel 4 will be FTA
next month, Five to follow suit sometime over the year), including BBC
HD, C4 HD and ITV HD.

Hope this helps,


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