Maybe slightly off topic, but plain cable digital receiver
Topfield TF6000COC seems to get confused as well with this
DUT-setting. Sometimes these subtitles gets activated by itself
allthough not preselected.

This "activation by itself" is fairly new "feature",
because receiver has been working flawless a long time
so I guess recent changes have happened in
broadcaster's side (no updates on receiver end done recently)?


Petri Helin kirjoitti:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 03/07/08 06:21, JJussi wrote:
>>> On Friday, 7. Marchta 2008 00:37:06 Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>> The info.vdr file contains
>>>> X 3 11 fin
>>>> X 2 03 fin
>>>> X 3 03 dut
>>>> which indicates that audio is in Finnish, and there are two subtitle
>>>> tracks. The one with type 03 looks like any other subtitle
>>>> track I've seen so far, like
>>> That dut track is "subtitle in sound".. And that way it should be sound 
>>> track 
>>> and not subtitle.
>>> It's special. It's sound track where computer is reading subtitles in 
>>> lound, 
>>> for those who cannot read.

>>> Only YLE use those.
>> But that track contains plain old DVB subtitle bitmaps.
>> How can a computer read them out loud?
> I believe JJussi is mixing things up a bit. What he describes is audio 
> subtitling, which YLE has chosen to send labelled as a Dutch audio 
> track. It seems that they have started to use Dutch also for Finnish 
> subtitling for Finnish spoken programs. The reason for that choice I 
> believe is the absence of Dutch language in Finland and hopefully not 
> the misconception of all the Dutch being hearing impaired... :)
> The instructions for people who want to use the audio subtitling is that 
> they should choose Dutch as the primary audio language and Finnish as 
> the secondary. Obviously they had the same in mind for DVB subtitles.
> -Petri
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