That is something I brought up some time ago before I ran into the
sub-numbering. The Channels.conf has a way to group by provider, but right
now the only place to make use of it from in the program is while in live
video using the <> keys. If Provider grouping was expanded on then number
reuse would be solved.

(1)Confine channel selection to the current provider group would allow reuse
of numbers.

(2)Provide a way to more easly direct select providers. Remotes don't really
have a useable ascii keyboard, but they could be given numbers and their own
menu. Right now :@xxxx denotes a channel, :abc denotes a
section/provider/whatever. Apply a version of the number system to the
provider grouping. If a number is not used, it starts counting from the last
used provider number. If no numbers where used, then it starts with 1 with 0
reservered for the provider guide. The new group entry would be :xx abc or
even :xxabc. basicly, if the first charator/s are digits, then they are a
user assigned number for that provider. If the Provders name starts with a
number, then just use a space, for example ": 1 abc".

Now start a number with "*" if you are changing providers and use "*0" for
the menu of providers which would work just like a menu for channels. Only
when switching to another provider it would land on the first channel in
that providers list.

(3)As for VDR relying on channel numbers being a problem for adding
subchannel suport. This is from the manual that is packed with VDR:

A particular channel can be uniquely identified by its channel ID,
which is a string that looks like this:


VDR already dosn't depend soly on channel numbers according to that.

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> So if provider 1 broadcasts  a 2.1 channel and provider 2 also
> broadcasts a 2.1 channel and you as a vdr user can have more than 1
> provider. What will the channel numbering scheme be for Provider 2?
> Will this introduce a bouqet in vdr?
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