On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 07:52:49PM +0200, Ville Aakko wrote:

> Sami, I believe you already have it almost in order. I've been using
> the development VDR all the time, and the only problem has been that
> the OSD hijacked the OSD (and is now gone thanks to the osdlevel
> patch). Though, if you get the problem that the OSD doesn't clear
> between subtitles, then see the 2. patch I'm attaching for vdr-dxr3
> plugin (though it could be in the CVS now, I'm using a tarball of the
> CVS that is somewhat aged now).

Yep, I seem to have the second patch, so it's looking good now, thanks.

I'm having some stability problems, though - every once in a while
changing the channel or doing some fast moves with OSD freezes the
screen. Don't know what the problem is, yet. Possibly related to this is
that the subtitles have gone missing a couple of times. I haven't been
able to pinpoint what exactly happens here, but my guess is it's got
something to do with DXR3 :P

 Sami Sundell

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