I'm pleased to announce a the maintenance release 0.8.2. You can
find it on my homepage as usual:


Excerpt from HISTORY:

2008-03-10: Version 0.8.2

- Fixed optional parameter processing for parameter -p. As
  getopt() requires that optional arguments must follow the
  option switch without any delimiters, I've updated MANUAL
  accordingly, i. e. all options are documented without
  delimiters. Furthermore you'll get an error message when
  specifying the argument for -p incorrectly.
- Fixed compilation of patched xine-lib-1.1 (thanks to Darren
  Salt and Fabian Foerg for contributing fixes for this issue).
- Provided xine_get_current_frame_alloc() to xine-lib which
  allows retrieving the current frame image without the need
  to pause the stream for a second call to the function after
  allocating sufficient memory.
- Fixed retrieving only valid PTS from xine. xine's metronom is
  now intercepted to monitor PTS changes after which PTS are
  considered to be valid.
- Fixed handling VDR's clear command. Adding sync points to the
  stream makes sure that all data on the way to xine up to sync
  point gets properly dropped.
- Added Russian translation (thanks to Oleg Roitburd for
  providing ru_RU.po).


Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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