Hello, list and Klaus.

Is it possible to limit multiple DVB devices to access certain channel with 

I have following setup:

Card #1: DVB-S full-featured (only for mpeg decoding and tv-output)
Card #2: DVB-T budget (connected to antenna 1)
Card #3: DVB-T budget (connected to antenna 2)
Card #4: DVB-T budget (connected to antenna 1)

So different DVB-cards can receive different multiplexes.

Problem is:

VDR doesn't seem handle correctly multiple CA-entries, when it's saving channel 
config file.

When defining CA field to 2,4 (editing config file by hand) to let both cards 2 
and 4 to access channel, VDR sets CA-field to 2. But 
would be nice if both cards which are capable to receive channel, could do it. 
In this case only one card gets it.

And it is not possible to limit encrypted channels, which in my opinion is most 
critical here;

1) When defining CA field to 3,B00 - VDR sets CA-field to 3, and this channel 
won't be decrypted as it's not identified as Conax.
2) When defining CA field to B00,3 - VDR sets CA-field to B00, and every card 
can access this channel.

Anyway it would be nice to limit access for devices by frequency (DVB-T/C) and 
by source (DVB-S, SourceCaps does this, any similar 
for DVB-T?). Or atleast to get this CA-field limiting working ;)

Testing done with vdr 1.5.15

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