>>>>> Is it possible to change font data directly in code or do I have to
>>>>> create my own true type font containing the icons?
>>> the best aproach IMHO would be an API in VDR that allows you to "nail"
>>> custom glyphs into the glyph cache. though this could lead to problems
>>> if multiple plugins overwrite the same codepoints in the cache. using a
>>> custom font would work too but you would force every user of your
>>> plugin to use that font. making a ttf font is no fun either. maybe
>>> there should be some way to mix cOsd::Bitmap with normal text?
>> Messing with the fonts is not a good idea, IMHO.
> It works for VDR 1.4.x ;-)
>> I'll see about a method to add icons to the menu items.
>> However, this has veeery low priority ;-)
> So my only option for now is a true type font containing the icons. Or
> maybe to create a skin plugin that can displays the icons.
At the moment I try to solve the hole issue by using a true type font
containing the icons. There was done some work at vdr-portal.de (thanks
folks ;) )

But there comes the next problem. Until now, I use the space between 0x80
and 0x9f, which is marked as unused for ISO8859. But this does not work
for UTF-8. Amair from vdr-portal.de suggests to use the position after
0xe000 for this case. So I need two different fonts and I have to check,
if VDR is running in an UTF-8 environment and set the values for the icons

This hole TTF and UTF-8 crap makes the handling of the icons very
complicated. Maybe it is the best for now to replace the icons with normal
letters until VDR provides support icons. I don't want to dictate the
users what font they have to use.


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