Georg Acher wrote:

> No support anymore. But most of the issues have been resolved for us. Also
> the RMM card uses/needs only a small portion of the chip features. The PCI
> communication is based on my shared memory driver with almost no kernel
> dependencies, so we have no problems with future kernels.

Ah, i see. As long as it works as expected, things do look bright.

> The people who designed a complete STB with a standalone DeCypher have much
> more trouble now...


That's quite a significant loss in investment for a STB manufacturer.

(Though it is not the first time that a vendor sees such things. At some 
of time the SAA716x PCIe chips were also in the same condition, but somehow
things got into a better shape, but vendors still afraid of the murky 

At least they could have revived it by just keeping the development 
stuff with
the Linux developer. Pity, that they took an insane turn.


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