I demand that Timo Laitinen may or may not have written...

> Aaargh, forgot to change the vdr Digest from the subject to something
> reasonable... sorry about the noise... Here's the same with a bit more
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You forgot to correct the In-Reply-To header. ;-)

> On Mon, 17 Mar 2008 12:00:02 +0100
> Darren Salt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I demand that Timo Laitinen may or may not have written...
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>>> Just tackled with this one myself... at least if you used the e-tobi
>>> repositories. There was a strange requirement for the library version, I
>>> think it was something like libxine => 1.1.12 libxine << 1.1.13.  
>> Highly unlikely.
> ...
>>> Compilation went well with libxine 1.1.17 and the plugin and the
>>> frontends work fine.  
>> 1.1.17? Did you get that from... I don't know, probably late next year?
>> :-)

> Oops, it seems my time machine had a programming glitch... Or,
> alternatively, I still haven't learned NOT to trust my memory...

I'm inclined to believe the latter: you keep forgetting. :-)

> So, actually looking at it, it had Build-Depends
> libxine-dev (<< 1.1.3), libxine-dev (>= 1.1.2)

The specific versioning shouldn't be there. That sort of thing only belongs
in the Depends header, and should be generated at build time.

> I removed all version requirements, compiled it against libxine 1.1.7. (in
> Ubuntu Gutsy) But, still, it works,


> although not perfectly (rapid motion, such as news tickers, are jumpy with
> xxmc on openchrome when HW acceleration is on, not sure why)

Sounds like an X problem to me, though it could just possibly be to do with
xine-lib's xxmc support.

>> That *is* the general form, though, and it's to do with the name of
>> xine-lib's plugins directory and how the plugin build scripts get the
>> directory name.

> So (wrote he hoping), would things get better (regarding my quality
> problems) if I changed to 1.1.2?

Hopefully not ‒ unless you mean 1.2, in which case you'll see much the same
as 1.1 hg wrt xxmc.

> or to 1.1.11? Or is it just so that if it works at all, it's ok?

Basically, if you upgrade xine-lib to a newer ABI-compatible version, you
won't need to rebuild plugins (except just the once to get them using the new
plugin directory naming scheme when you upgrade past

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