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> I'm trying to build a small playback-only box using vdr-xine based on a Via
> Epia-15000 board with the onboard video adapter. I don't try to scale
> images -- the X server is set to 1024x576 (16:9 PAL). (The TV set has a
> nice rescaler to blow images up to 1366x768). Whatever I do, the image
> shows lots of artifacts, especially when there's a lot of movement in a
> scene, visibly more than softdevice with DirectFB on my old Matrox G450.
> I'm actually thinking about buying a PCI Matrox card (mind you, I don't
> even use the BES since I also set the FB to 1024x576 and let the TV set
> rescale), plug it into the Via board and use softdevice again.

You still need to scale anamorphic 720x576 horizontally to 1024x576,
and deinterlace before that. It would be best to use the native
resolution of the panel so that the video is scaled only once. However,
some panels don't let you use a 50 Hz display mode at native
resolution, but only at 720p or through a specific input port
(VGA, DVI or HDMI). Make sure you use a 50 Hz or 100 Hz refresh rate for
PAL. This is more important than using the native resolution, especially
when watching sports and other interlaced broadcasts (when deinterlaced
at full rate).

The motion artifacts that you are seeing are probably due to
interlacing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlace), either because
you don't deinterlace at all, or because you use a poor deinterlacing
filter. Xine does have some moderate filters ported from tvtime (or
originally from DScaler). I'd recommend trying Greedy2Frame, with these

xine --post


Niko Mikkilä

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