Ville Skyttä kirjoitti:
> On Tuesday 18 March 2008, Kartsa wrote:
>> I have quite bad audio sync problems with 
>> it and was wondering if there is some fw which is better over others.
> It's been some time, but IIRC I've tried all that I could find, and the 0x29 
> one that comes with the drivers has worked best for me.
I've tried a couple also and the funny thing is that they all reported 
0x29 in log even though diff said they are different.
>> The problem is that I must every once and a while pause replay for a
>> second or so or when watching live TV change the channel back and
>> forthto get the sync back.
> Same here, but not often enough for it to really annoy that much.  I think it 
> happens mostly for MTV3 here.
I have been wondering if the reason could be MTV3 but I thought it could 
not depend on it. I must try to use some YLE channel for my morning 


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