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Darren Salt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I demand that Timo Laitinen may or may not have written...
> > Aaargh, forgot to change the vdr Digest from the subject to
> > something reasonable... sorry about the noise... Here's the same
> > with a bit more identifiable subject.  
> You forgot to correct the In-Reply-To header. ;-)
> I'm inclined to believe the latter: you keep forgetting. :-)

Well, I'd put the header problem somewhere between "didn't even think
of it" and "can't do it with my emailer" (at least after a quick
check and a couple of attempts), sorry...

> > although not perfectly (rapid motion, such as news tickers, are
> > jumpy with xxmc on openchrome when HW acceleration is on, not sure
> > why)  
> Sounds like an X problem to me, though it could just possibly be to
> do with xine-lib's xxmc support.

Yes, could be an X (openchrome) problem, could be xxmc or the HW
decoding, I'm a bit at loss with it at the moment. With Xv the quality
is just fine (but CPU at around 60-70%, a bit too touchy for other
activity). The xxmc is somewhat blurry and jumping a bit with the
tickers, with CPU at 30%. Any similar experience/solutions anyone? The
hardware is CN700 (EPIA EN-12000).

Well, maybe I should actually start another thread on this (with
proper headers on the replys :-) ), or maybe at openchrome or xine...

> > So (wrote he hoping), would things get better (regarding my quality
> > problems) if I changed to 1.1.2?  
> Hopefully not ? unless you mean 1.2, in which case you'll see much
> the same as 1.1 hg wrt xxmc.

I was (not really that optimistically) thinking that maybe the <<1.1.3 
meant something horrible happens at higher versions... but I wasn't
really expecting a positive answer on that. And it does seem that not
much has happened with xine xxmc recently.

> Basically, if you upgrade xine-lib to a newer ABI-compatible version,
> you won't need to rebuild plugins (except just the once to get them
> using the new plugin directory naming scheme when you upgrade past

Ok, thanks for the info, maybe I'll try a newer version at some

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