I am making some test with vdr-xine 0.8.2, libxine en xine-ui from
Reinhard's site (kubuntu 7.10)

It is on a laptop without dvb device.

For the moment I just try to replay recordings from an other vdr box, and
dvd with dvdswitch.

I use a Sony bravia 32" TV screen connected at the vga output of the laptop.

The resolution configured in xorg.conf is 1280x720.

I achieve to have the "no-signal" in full screen.

When I replay recordings, most of them are with wide black bands left &
right and for some of them also small bands up&down.

Some recordings (most movies) have wide bands on the four sides.

The most dvd's also have wide bands L&R. One of them plays in full screen
but the image is stretched.

I was playing around with some settings of the plugin, but don't see how to
get a good result.

In the past I made some test, I believed, with vdr-xine (or maybe
xineliboutput ?), and I can remember something in the settings that achieved
auto-scaling. I had at that time almost everything in full screen, but
sometimes also with wrong stretching.


I tried to start xine, just by typing xine in a terminal box and choosinf
"vdr" and I also tried xine -V xv --post vdr_video --post vdr_audio --post
upmix_mono "vdr:/tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes", but can't really see a
As I understand, I have different sources, with different resolutions. Is
there a manner to tell vdr-xine or xine to adapt the output as good as
possible to my tv screen ?


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