On 03/17/08 12:31, Guy Roussin wrote:
> Hi,
> After i pressed Setup/OSD, i need to wait about 6 or 7 seconds
> before i get the menu/page. I try to change the language,
> truetype fonts but no effect. This is the only sub-menu with
> this problem.
> How can i track this bug ?
> I use vdr-1.5.17 from e-tobi on debian sarge.
> I've another vdr with the same config but the screen is quickly
> display when i press Setup/OSD

My guess would be that it has to do with the freetype fonts.
When opening the Setup/OSD page VDR collects all available
font names, and maybe that takes time on your system.

I remember having this on my system, too, but at some point it
was gone, so I didn't persue it.

You could insert some debug output in cFont::GetAvailableFontNames()
to see whether this is causing the delay.


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