Simon Baxter wrote:
> Thanks - sound is working since I changed the audio bitrate from 320
> to 190.
> Thanks too for the mms stream - works, kind of.  I think the
> bandwidth to NZ is affecting it though  :)

Thanks Simon for that tip :-) Now I managed to get some sound too, but i 
had to reduce it to 96 for getting a reasonablesound @ nasatv (i just 
got clipping and crap sound).

Are you using the script, or are you using the debian-way 
with the config-files for each channel in /etc/vdr/plugins/iptv/vlcinput/ ?

I don't know where the problem is, but jumping to an other channel 
leaves the vlc-process running, and on each iptv-channel-swap I get two 
new vlc-processes (pgrep vlc). So before changing to an other stream, i 
have to do a "killall vlc".

This fiddling with this plugin starts to drive me nuts ;-) It looks that 
it's time for me to look for a wig


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