Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>> Please try setting VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE=ISO-8859-9 before starting
>>>> VDR. This should fix it.
>>> This is fixed !
>>> Thank you.
>> Looks like this is set globally, for all of the epg data, right? What 
>> about mixed charsets from different providers (I know for sure there 
>> are, and there are also the "external" data sources like tvmovie2vdr and 
>> the like fetching some xmltv listings and injecting the data via SVDRP)?
> The DVB standard provides for a way to mark text strings, so that
> applications can correctly determine the actual encoding. The
> VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE is just a workaround in case your "main"
> provider fails to correctly encode their strings.

Am I missing something, is there a way to mark a provider as being my 
"main" one? Or is the workaround rather replacing the character set for 
all incorrectly recognized ones (assuming that the application 
determines the fact that it is incorrect)? If the latter case occures, 
what if there are several providers not marking the encoding right, but 
their epg content actually need different encodings, will they all use 
the same encoding specified in VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE? (This reminds me of 
the early UTF-8 patch which required setting the encoding for every 
channel in channels.conf, which of course is ugly, but could handle 
different EPG encoding needs in case of multiple providers failing to 
mark this correctly).

> External data source simply need to provide the strings in the
> encoding used on your local system (presumably UTF-8).

So it should work in the case of correctly handling external data, thanks.

BTW, OSD then stays unaffected by VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE? It might be 
worth renaming this to something more clearly specifying that it only 
affects EPG.


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