Rene Hertell wrote:
> Simon Baxter wrote:
>> Thanks - sound is working since I changed the audio bitrate from 
>> 320 to 190.
>> Thanks too for the mms stream - works, kind of.  I think the 
>> bandwidth to NZ is affecting it though  :)
> Thanks Simon for that tip :-) Now I managed to get some sound too, 
> but i had to reduce it to 96 for getting a reasonablesound @ nasatv 
> (i just got clipping and crap sound).
> Are you using the script, or are you using the 
> debian-way with the config-files for each channel in 
> /etc/vdr/plugins/iptv/vlcinput/ ?
> I don't know where the problem is, but jumping to an other channel 
> leaves the vlc-process running, and on each iptv-channel-swap I get 
> two new vlc-processes (pgrep vlc). So before changing to an other 
> stream, i have to do a "killall vlc".

Are you using or some other way of controlling vlc?

Handling of vlc shutdown was changed in in plugin version
0.0.6. I wonder if your uses the new approach which was
supposed to be more reliable.

> This fiddling with this plugin starts to drive me nuts ;-) It looks 
> that it's time for me to look for a wig

Heh. Sorry for all the premature hair loss. :)

The configuration of the plugin is indeed not as simple as I'd like.
However we are already pushing the capability boundaries of
channels.conf to the limit which means that channel configuration is not
straightforward. Also interaction with vlc brings its own level of
complexity to the process.


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