I tried subtitle features and I saw some problems (I am using vdr-1.5.18 
with softdevice and streamdev).

First auto channel update is need : there no way to save subtitle pid in 
channel.conf. I haven't info about this on the manual and it takes me 
some time how to make it works.

Next osd behaviour is weird : as soon as subtitle is started, when it 
will refresh it will mess up with other osd. For example if I start 
subtitle and then go to the menu, the menu will be clear by subtitle 
refresh, but I am still in menu mode.

Next, why like audio aren't there an entry in main menu for showing 
current subtitle tracks ?
The only way to know that is to use keymacro with Subtiles key, but that 
could be hard to map it with remote with few keys.

Finally I have the impression that the subtitles synchronisation isn't good.


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