OK I now have the following set up:

        - hush with VIA Epia M10000
        - Fedora Core 8 up to date except libX11*
        - xine-lib 1.2 from hg today 27/03/2008
        - vdr 1.6.0
        - vdr-xine 0.8.2
        - femon 1.2.4
        - vdradmin-am-3.6.1

*In order to use xine with xxmc hardware acceleration I have downgraded
libX11 to the version from Fedora Core 7 - bug libX11 with xcb support

xine still locks up if I change desktops to check my mail or if I try to
use the right click configuration menu when running with vdr. Fine when
running xine with other media files.

I am now able to use pulseaudio in xine - recent updates of alsa and
pulseaudio probably fixed the issues I was having. Sound can still be
crappy when watching an avi file...




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