Dear Fritz!Box- and VDR-Users,

a new version of the Fritz!Box Plugin is available at

If no serious bugs appear with this release, it will get the stable plugin
release 1.0.0 for VDR 1.6. Translation contributions (.po-files) are

- - -

The Fritz!Box Plugin connects to your Fritz!Box to inform you about
incoming calls. The plugin can automatically mute or pause VDR when a
call comes in.

Via VDR's main menu you can browse your Fritz!Box phone book, the call
lists and initiate calls out of all lists.

- - -

2008-03-30: Version 0.0.13
- updated french translations (provided by Patrice [10])
- fixed wrong dsyslog output in fritzlistener.c
- fixed outputting the '#96*5*5'-hint
- fixed an uninitialized socket variable in cTcpClient that caused closing
  sockets not created by the plugin (e.g., cKbdRemote socket)
- updated russian translations
  (provided by neptunvasja [6])
- fixed translating the plugin description
- moved call to cFritzTools::GetPhoneSettings() out of
  cPluginFritzbox::Initialize() to avoid blocking the main thread
- cFritzTools::GetPhoneSettings() handles missing OKZ/LKZ settings in
  Fritz!Box correctly. If no LKZ is set, 49 is assumed.
- extended cFritzListener to handle multiple lines in one message
- corrected some dsyslog() calls missing the sourcecode filename

- - -


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