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Niko Mikkila <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> All XvMC implementations that I know of have poor deinterlacing, which
> makes them pretty useless for decoding interlaced video. Your
> description suggests that openchrome just drops the other field, so
> you lose half of both the vertical resolution and temporal definition
> (50 fields/s -> 25 frames/s). Continuous small skips (at regular or
> seemingly random intervals) could also be caused by a refresh-rate
> mismatch, but if Xv is ok, this is not the main problem in your case.

Hmm, it seems that I've not understood something... I assumed that if I
don't say anything about deinterlacing, then the (s-video) output would
be interlaced. This apparently isn't true, they do something (strange)
to the video, because putting deinterlacing on (bob-deinterlacing)
produces quite nice results! (well, 40-50% CPU usage, and a little-bit
of jerking, 1/s, but the ticker is very sharp now). 

But shouldn't the device be able to send completely non-deinterlaced
stuff to the tv-out? Maybe the unichrome chip does something, but can
that something be turned off?

Anyway, thanks for the info, it led me to a bit more tolerable
results :-)

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