Boguslaw Juza wrote:
>      Hi!
>    I have a quesion to LCD TV owners. Most of the new LCD TVs have
> a "motion compensation" feature. Is it deinterlacing the picture?
> I'm going to buy Sony40", to connect to PC via DVI/HDMI with 720p
> or 1080p and run VDR with vdr-xine. Now Im using nvidia xxmc and
> the deinterlace is ugly. With LCD TV it'll be visible much more,
> so I need better deinterlacing - so I'm wondering if TV hw motion
> compensation will do it...
TVs de-interlace would matter with interlaced output but I suppose 
field/frame accurate scaled and original way interlaced e.g. 1080i 
output is not possible with Nvidia and I'm using progressive 
1080p50 output for 576i50 DVB-T/S video. Libxine handles de-interlacing, 
and Xv driver in Xorg the scaling with graphics hardware. The magic 
spell from xinelibout config is

xineliboutput.Video.DeinterlaceOptions = 

The result is IMHO pretty good with a 50 Hz mode where 
syncronization to vertical refresh is usually close to perfect. 
De-interlacing consumes more CPU than 576i MPEG-2 video decoding.

Advertised techniques for frame rate interpolation to 100/120 Hz perhaps 
matter more for typical Blu-Ray low rate 24p videos than 50/60p 
progressive video from PC. I haven't seen those in action so I'm only 


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