2008/3/31, Luca Olivetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> channel logo *must* be disabled for the dxr3.

But they look neat =)

But, seriously, they work very nicely with text2skin here, and used to
work in and older VDR / skinsoppalusikka, too (providing you use logos
with decreased number of colours, but I really couldn't tell the
difference when I opened both versions of some of the logos in an
editor on my computer). So it IS a small regression (triggered in the
plugin by changes in skinsoppalusikka). But the real problem here was
the stability, into which the logos have no effect. Well, honestly, I
didn't try the 1.6.0 without logos, but I assume this, because 1)
disabling the channel logos didn't have any effect in a previous
skinsoppalusikka, and 2) the instablility occurs in editing mode and
when going trough the menus, i.e. NOT when any logos are shown on the

The "palette of the logos not updating" is, on the other hand, a very
minor and purely cosmetic problem.

   - Ville


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