Hello list,
I'm glad to announce a new version of the filebrowser plugin, you can get it
from http://vdr.nasenbaeren.net/filebrowser/vdr-filebrowser-0.2.0.tgz

Meanwhile I finished my study, so the old URL and mailaddress will become 
invalid somewhen in the near future. Please update references if you have 
published them somewhere.


- Update URL and mail address
- Use new versioning scheme
- %i expands to a string entered by user
- %p expands to a string entered by user and this input is masked meanwhile
- Added examples for this
- Changed recode script to use ffmpeg
- Changed cdrip script to use ffmpeg
- Use gettext for internationalization
  Note to packagers: With this, you can provide localized names for commands - 
just add the names from commands.conf as keys to po files
- Fixed some compiler warnings
- Switched to GPLv3
- Clarifed license in source files (thanks to Thomas G√ľnther for the hint)

Your comments, bug reports and patches would be appreciated,

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