Manfred Schmidt-Voigt schrieb:
> Petri Helin schrieb:
>> Manfred Schmidt-Voigt wrote:
>>> Hello List,
>>> My configuration is a diskless VDR box with FF Card and xineliboutput 
>>> without frontends. The client is the "out-of-the-box" xine-ui with 
>>> the apropriate libs from the actual Debian SID on my desktop computer.
>> Is the xvdr-plugin for xine-lib ( in directory 
>> `xine-config --plugindir`) of the same version as the xineliboutput 
>> vdr-plugin? If not, please install also the cvs version of the 
>> xvdr-plugin and try again.
>> -Petri
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> I have installed the latest CVS Version on both systems again. On the 
> vdr box I have installed the plugin in the plugin tree of vdr 
> (VDR/PLUGINS/src) and have done the following on my desktop machine:
> cvs ...
> make frontends
> make install
> ... and it has copied a fresh version of the libs to my 
> /usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.1.0
> (see attachment)
> ... but same effects:
>   OSD is only a shadow of an OSD
>   after the first keypress its not longer accepting more button presses...
> What else can I check?
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I've got it now. My XINE Installation on the Desktop machine was a 
little bit mixed up. The xine-config --plugindir showed a path to 1.1.0 
but when I started XINE it wants to load plugins from 1.20. During make 
frontends the plugins where installed in 1.1.0 and so XINE could not 
find them. After installing the libxine1-dev Version and reinstaling the 
  frontends they went to 1.20 and now everything is OK!

Sorry for disturbing the list with such a suspicious installation..., 
but I know there are people on the german vdr-portal with nearly the 
same pictures. Maybe they should check also there installation. So at 
least this could help somebody.

Good night!

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