Jörg Knitter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Petri Helin wrote:
>> [...]
>> start up a fluxbox session. The fluxbox session runs a start up script 
>> which starts vdr-sxfe, which connect to the xineliboutput plugin.
>> [...]
> One general question: Is vdr-sxfe reliable enough on 
> bad-weather-conditions? I have played around last week with VDR-1.5.18 
> and xineliboutputs internal display window, and it was rock-solid while 
> in the past other solutions like xine or vdr-sxfe crashed if there was a 
> bigger problem with the signal strength.

i also have issues with xine+xineliboutput on bad weather conditions.
You could always use a 'while xine "mrl"; do sleep 1; done" or use
init/upstart. (not appropriate, i read you need to quit vdr-sxfe
to release lirc)

> Or do you have implemented some kind of "keep vdr-sxfe 
> alive"-functionality? Because having to start vdr-sxfe manually again is 
> IMHO not really set-top-box-like... :)
> On the other hand, I would prefer using vdr-sxfe instead of the internal 
> x11 display because then I can release LIRC by shutting down vdr-sxfe 
> e.g. if I want to use Elisa as second Media Center for playing back MP3s 
> and videos in a more comfortable way than VDR can offer...

I use freevo 1.x
There's a plugin to integrate vdr with it.
In that case freevo is the media center for playing
video/music/etc... and it launches xine/vdr-sxfe when you want to
watch tv.


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