I am new to this vdr mailinglist.
I have been admiring the VDR project for a long time.
And now am looking seriously into building one.

I am having trouble finding a DVB-C PCI card in the city where i live.
There is this one:

I could not find a type number.
On the card is the text "REV 1.7"
It is a PCI card.
On the box are two pictures of DVB-T and DVB-C
And it has a TV input and TV output, according to the picture on the box.

Its price has been marked of from 60 - 70 euro to 57 euro.
Guess the model is on its way out.

Can not find any useful info on it on the internet.
What are the capabilities of this card ?
Does anyone know if this card can be used with VDR ?

Thanks :-)

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