There is something i do not understand.
Here is how i though it works:

My TV provider, Casema in the netherlands, delivers digital TV via a decoder 
with a sort of credit card.
Normally you use the remote control of this decoder to choose the tv prog to 
Thus decoder sends only the selected digital channel to the DVB-C TV card in 
the computer.
This was told to me by a sales person today.

If this is true, how then can VDR select the different digital programs with 
the timers in VDR set by you ?
Then somehow all digital channels have to be send to the DVB-C TV card.

Or does VDR not work with decoders with such a credit card restriction ?

I hope someone can explain this to me.

If feel a bit stupid right now, i hope this falls under the saying "There are 
no stupid questions" :-)

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