Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 8 Apr 2008, Ian Bates wrote:
>> One more remark, if as I believe from the comments in the code above,
>> that the '16:9 crop to 4:3' behaviour is not implemented in
>> xineliboutput, am I the only one suffering from the lack of this
>> feature?  Am I the only one still using a 4:3 TV?  I don't think so,
>> what do other people do when viewing 16:9 material on a 4:3 device,
>> other than put up with the black bars?
> This is exactly what I'm doing - I'm accepting the black bars at the 
> bottom and the top, dreaming about the screen I'm going to buy at some 
> point in the future, along with being happy for other xineliboutput-users 
> having already a 16:9 screen.

I would say the correct term is not accepting but acknowledging... Makes
no sense to me why someone would like to cut 25% from the picture. And 
what about programmes in 2.39:1 aspect ratio? Should those be cut too so 
that they fit to 4:3 ratio and lose 44% of the image in the process?

Anyway, mplayer can do that, try something like "mplayer -vf 
crop=507:544,scale=720:544 http://<your_server>:37890". Although that 
will cut also programmes sent in 4:3 aspect ratio.


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