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>  Nevertheless, although probably most techies feel the crop mode is not
>  interesting, perhaps you'll be able to find one that is willing to
>  implement it - or perhaps you can DIY and share the code.

I think the idea of cropping material from aspect ratios 16:9 or
2.39:1 to 4:3 is not worth putting attention, because it will often
result in quite awkward image. When done properly with technique
called pan&scan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_and_scan) where the
cropped selection can reside at any part of the original image, the
result is bearable. But think about a movie shot and broadcasted in
2.39 and crudely cropped so that the 4:3 part in the middle is
shown... You will see half heads, people talking to people not
included in the picture and so on. Or think about a football match in
16:9 cropped to 4:3... with the ball in the portion left out.


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