My Hauppauge DVB card rev2.1 (FF) DVB-C card has some
connection problem on its video out jack. So sometimes
the screen goes blank and I have to slightly adjust the
video out plug to regain picture.

I am currently using vdr-1.6.0.

I would like to use the softdevice plugin but here is the catch:

The VGA is a Via CX700M2 and DirectFB does not support it,
and my CPU is too slow for unaccelerated fb. (> 85% cpu usage)

Now, Via has created a framebuffer driver that uses the CX700M2
hardware MPEG2/MPEG4 acceleration. And a modified mplayer (VeMP1.6)
that takes advantage of this. With this combination I can play
vdr recordings with < 6% cpu usage. Now my question is:

a) is there some plugin that could pipe the stream directly
to mplayer to handle the output?

b) could the hardware MPEG decoder by used somehow and the
decoded stream be sent to framebuffer driver?

c) would it be a big task to add acceleration support to the
softdevice plugin? (Could then play hdtv stuff with it?)

d) any other solution?


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