Petri Helin wrote:
> Hi,
> I think there is a slight usability flaw in the design how DVB subtitles 
> are handled when replaying a record. Currently, if I pause the replay, 
> subtitles will disappear when their life span has out. Could it be 
> changed so that the subtitles stay visible as long as the replay is paused?

I have been trying to figure a way to implement this on my own, but I 
have yet to have any success. Could someone hint how this could be 
achieved? I suspect that if I pause replay, VDR will keep on running 
"subtitles thread" (or however it is done) normally, and that's why the 
subtitle that was present when the replay was paused will disappear when 
it's timeout is reached. What I have in mind is that the "subtitle 
thread" should inspect whether the replay has been paused before 
clearing the subtitles, but how could that be done? Any help?


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