On 03/31/08 10:25, Pierre-Yves Paranthoen (PERSO) wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a VDR user for a few years now. I was using vdr-1.4.7 until today and
> wanted to upgrade to the 1.6.0 version.
> I just compiled and installed the 1.6.0 version over the previous running
> one. I noticed that VDR was modifying the channels.conf by tagging encrypted
> channels. I also remarked a random detection of tha cam module. It gives
> sometimes the correct model of the cam, sometimes not. The result of course
> is VDR is not decoding encrypted channels anymore.
> ...
> PS : my setup :
> vdr-1.6.0 - dvb-s drivers from 2.6.20 kernel with dvb-ttpci-01.fw-2622 under
> a Hauppauge WINTV NEXUS S - ASTON CAM with valid subscription card from
> CanalSat (France ASTRA 19.2)

Please try changing

#define MODULE_CHECK_INTERVAL 100 // ms

in ci.c to, say, 500.
Let me know if this changes anything.


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