Bikalexander schrieb:

> When I'm using the scan with option -o vdr I have the problem with
> some channels into channels.conf.
> In channels.conf for some of them channels the TID & NID pids are missing

This shouldn't matter much. I've modified channel 1 in my 
channels.conf and set NID and TID to 0.

When VDR comes across this channel e. g. by an EPG scan or when 
switching to that channel, VDR will add NID and TID as necessary, 
as you can see from the following log line:

> Apr 13 21:25:13 video vdr: [30455] changing id of channel 1 from 0-0-28106-0 
> to 1-1101-28106-0

BTW: VDR must be allowed to modify channels.conf. You can do that 
in VDR's DVB setup menu.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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