On 04/14/08 00:26, Manfred Schmidt-Voigt wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
>> On 03/23/08 10:46, Manfred Schmidt-Voigt wrote:
>>> Manfred Schmidt-Voigt schrieb:
>>>> Hello List,
>>>> I have a diskless VDR machine in my livingroom (so its very quit). 
>>>> My /video is mounted by nfs from a Servermachine under the roof. On 
>>>> that server I have set a groupquota for that /video directory to 
>>>> save some place for other applikations on that filesystem (raid 5 - 
>>>> 4x400G).
>>>> ...
>>>> But the VDR Software doesn't recognize that. It does not start to 
>>>> mark old recording for removing. In the menu overview it show still 
>>>> some hours free space util the end of the complete filesystem.
>>>> Now my question: Do I have to configure something special in VDR 
>>>> that it recognizes the Quota setting of that directory or have I to 
>>>> use userquota for the user of VDR (in my case it is root but if it 
>>>> is the only solution I could change it to a regular user, but only 
>>>> if it helps for my problem)?
>>> No, VDR is not able to follow Quota. It is looking only for the 
>>> standard size parameters of the filesystem... ;-(
>>> So I had to help myself. The outcome is a patch/hack for my current 
>>> VDR Version 1.4.5. But it should be easy to apopt it also to newer 
>>> versions.  I have glued it together out of several GOOGLE sniplets. 
>>> Maybe somebody can look over this patch who has more ability to code 
>>> this according real C++ styles. I'm not used to progamm in C++. But 
>>> for this little patch it was sufficient.
>> Sorry, but this is really too much to change for implementing quota 
>> handling.
>> ...
> I have changed the patch a little bit because there was a logical fault 
> in it. But now it's for vdr-1.6.0. I have not tested the xfs part 
> because currently I use only ext3 or nfs. So this should be tested maybe 
> by somebody else or if you would like to implement such a logic into vdr 
> leave it out or comment it out or do it your own way. The problem here 
> is that by each kind of check of the different filesystems you receive 
> different numberunits of something what is called a block. It seems so 
> that all the people, which implements  the quotalogic for the different 
> filesystems, had a different thought what a block should look like...
> Manfred

I'll probably make a plugin interface for this. Then you can implement this
outside of the core VDR code.


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