On 04/15/08 14:33, Arthur Konovalov wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Does the log really end at that point?
>> If there is no "Ca Pmt Reply" then the CAM doesn't reply to
>> the query.
> That is, no reply in this point.
> Because I got second confirmation from TechniSat Support about multiple 
> decryption possibility, I made small test changes in ci.c file (ci.diff).
> After that multiple decryption works! I know, this is not right 
> solution, but now it proved that CAM works in principle. Why it doesn't 
> reply to query at vdr startup, i don't know, but later it does (log.txt).
> Any ideas for an elegant solution?

Can you narrow down which of these three changes is actually necessary
to make it work?
I would assume that

       state = 4; // normal operation
+     repliesToQuery = true; //AK

by itself should do the trick.

Please revert all your changes and do just

#define QUERY_REPLY_TIMEOUT  5000 // ms to wait for a reply to a query

(change 2000 to 5000 in this line). If this doesn't help, try

#define QUERY_WAIT_TIME      3000 // ms to wait before sending a query

as well (and check whether any one of these changes helps by itself).


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