the softdevice team (Torgeir Veimo, Martin Wache and me, Stefan Lucke)
is pleased to announce a new release of vdr's softdevice plugin.

General info:
  Softdevice plugin enables vdr to run on your desktop with
  so called budget cards. You'll get vdr output via framebuffer or X11-Xv or
  DirectFB or vidix to your screen. Decoding is done via ffmpeg.

Supported vdr versions: 1.4.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.x

Plugin's homepage is located at: http://softdevice.berlios.de/

2008-04-18: softdevice-0.5.0
   - Check configuration for ffmpeg < r11816.
   - Removed timestamps, email addrs and src line # comments from *.po.
   - Silence some warnings.
   - softdevice.c: Fix spelling & version check for trNOOP().
   - Suspend output on user inactivity (see README): patch by Marko M�kel�
   - Fixed (changed) some italian chars.
   - Added local translations of yes/no.
   - Switched to vdr-1.5.x OSD translation.
   - Switched from av_read_packet() to av_read_frame().
   - Italian translation by Diego.
   - audio: fix ac3 downmix request for ffmpeg >= r10199.
   - SoftOsd: Adjust constructor definition to implementation.
   - fix for ffmpeg >= r12194.
   - video-fb: via OSD selected screen aspect was not honored.
   - VideoFilter.c: fix some warnings and compile error with ffmpeg >= r11816
   - OSD: missing call to ClearOSD() of output device.
   - OSD: fix drawing (missing method SetAreas()).
   - license: included gpl notice "v2 or any later" to README.
   - border detect: fix rounding issue.
   - audio: \n\r -> \n substitution for ac3pt,
            some indentation cleanup (Xrun())
   - shm-out: ensure nonNULL vout->ctl in Stop(); by Axel Naumann
   - mpegdecoder: compile fix for ffmpeg svn >= r11071.
                  revert AVFMT_NOFILE trick for actual ffmpeg >= 11071.
                  recommended ffmpeg versions: A) < r11071 B) >= r11307
   - shm-out: applied patch from Matthias Schwarzott to make ShmClient work
              at 1st start of softdevice with "-vo shm:".
              allow xv startup aspect selection for shm out too.
   - audio: added open for number of channels device names CH1, CH2, CH3, .. .
   - mpeg2decoder: workaround for some ac3 decoding issues.
   - configure: fix framebuffer check.
   - border detect: whole black area was cut out. that's not correct when aspect
     ratio is greater than 16/9. limit cut out area to 16/9.
   - russian translation by neptunvasja
   - compile fix for vdr-1.5.9 based on Stone's patch.
   - video / dfb: moved some code from video.c to video-dfb.c as announced
                  and changed some constants to those I use in productive VDR.
   - compile fix for: ./configure --disable-shm
   - applied patch from Matthias Schwarzott for compile issues with
     newer ffmpeg versions
   - applied patch from Artur Skawina for memory alignment error
   - video-xv: fix OSD parially not drawn or cleared in pseudo mode:
               - a small stripe remains on the right side, when video changed
                 from 16:9 to 4:3
               - only modified OSD was shown when deinterlacer was toggled
   - use libswscale if available.
   - remove left over code from the old video-fb.
   - remove pixel mask option from SoftOsd.[hc] and video*, which was only used
     by the old video-fb.
   - adapt MacVdrClient.c to the setupStore in shared memory.
   - remove softlog from setupStore. Pointers aren't valid in a shared memory
   - remove private variable setupStore from audio out methods. They can
     access the global variable.
   - move setupStore into a shared memory block. This allows ShmClient to
     have acces to the setupStore.
   - move CatchRemoteKey() into utils.c, else setup-softdevice.o would
     have to be linked into libsoftdevice-xv.so and -dfb.so
   - ShmClient: revertet previous change, as it breaks argument style
                of softdevice.
   - configure: fix typo (yaepg),
                rm .dependencies in case of changes,
                new opt: --disable-xinerama (by Matthias Schwarzott)
   - fix osdMode not initialized (by Matthias Schwarzott)
   - ShmClient: full screen start option (by Matthias Schwarzott)

Stefan Lucke

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