lets start from skratch

Ali H.M. Hoseini wrote:
> Hi,
> I Want to buy a new DVB card to watch TV channels with VDR. The important
> point is I want it to have CI interface, So I could use CAM to view
> encrypted channels.

ok this means you need a PCI card

even if not procuced anymore the TechnoTrend Premium S-2300 is still
sold, with the growing market for dvb-s2 the the market for used "old"
dvb-s cards will be good

> I knew cards such as NEXUS, but they discontinued long time ago. I also know
> Technisat SkyStar HD 2, but as I know it is not compatible with VDR.

>> I don't want the card to be DVB-S2, I just need a card  with CI
>> support which works under linux and  VDR and I can buy it!

so YOU excititly asked for a dvb-s2 card

> So, Does anybody has recommendation for a card with this conditions?
> 1: good compatibility with VDR, Linux and good stability.
> 2: Has CI interface, and CI is supported under Linux and VDR.
> 3: Be in production.

the TechnoTrend Budget S-1500 with CI for 70€
(thats not the only one)

if you wnat hardware decodung for mpeg2 (no real need anymore) you can
use a old dxr3 card

be aware that the ci is bound to a card, a second card would need a
second ci with second decryption card

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