Lauri Tischler wrote:
>>> If that looks hard, i can push a tree which is a result of the above
>>> outlined steps.
>> Thanks a lot for providing
> Any instructions somewhere how to stuff that into stock kernel (debian)?
> I really don't want to compile the total kernel.

Here's what I did to get HG drivers a bit more packaged:

(1) Make sure you build the drivers against the right sources and 
.config. Looks something like this:


KERNELRELEASE is the 'uname -r' release version of your kernel. You may 
need to start a kernel compile before, to get some basic things, but 
I've killed it after a few seconds, and it was enough.

(2) Unpack your existing kernel package:
dpkg -x linux-image-...deb /tmp/deb
dpkg -e linux-image-...deb /tmp/deb/DEBIAN

(3) install drivers into it:
fakeroot make install SRCDIR=... DESTDIR=/tmp/deb/ KERNELRELEASE=...

(4) (optional) modify description in /tmp/deb/DEBIAN so you don't 
confuse it with the original kernel

(5) re-package it:
fakeroot dpkg -b /tmp/deb linux-image-...deb

This works to some degree, but may give some issues. The suggested way 
is to use a kernel with all DVB support disabled as base for HG drivers.



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