I'm using linux with v4l drivers. I'm using a Nexus for audio/video
out. I am trying to add an ATSC card and it seems atsc only sends ac3 audio.
So I have no audio on any of the channels. I tried connecting the ac3 audio
and I get audio out it with normal audio, But if I turn on "Use Dolby
display Digital" and select DD audio on a channel with DD, I loose audio on
both the ac3 channel and the normal audio ports. If I play a DVD it always
starts the dvd with normal audio and when I select ac3 audio goes out even
if I switch back to normal until I stop and restart the dvd. If I select one
of the other audio channels on the dvd, vdr totally locks up. This happens
with both vdr-1.5.10 and 1.6.0.

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