Rainer Zocholl wrote:
> VDR allows to mark "Channel 1200" and move it 1204 lines back wards
> via cursor.

Since VDR allows you to select channels by number in the channel list,
mark and move operations have become a lot easier.

But I agree that it's a drag to maintain the channel list via the
remote control. I still use a GUI editor on the PC for that.

One feature that I have been missing for years in that area is:
VDR should not add a channel to a list before it can actually
receive at least audio from it. My "new channels" list is
cluttered with a majority of channels that are not useful to me.

Some are useless because they require a CAM that I do not have.
Some are useless because they broadcast in a language that I
do not understand.
Some are useless because they show still pictures of scantily clad
females and command me to call 900 numbers.

It would be so nice to have some options like

Only add channel if...

+  audio data can be received
+  audio language is in a list of selectable languages
+  video data can be received
+  video data rate is at least NN Mbit/s

How hard would it be to implement such a pre-filter?

Back to Rainers problem: An additional option could be to
add a channel to an existing group based on its attributes
(especially the audio language).


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