Carsten Koch schrieb:

> One feature that I have been missing for years in that area is:
> VDR should not add a channel to a list before it can actually
> receive at least audio from it. My "new channels" list is
> cluttered with a majority of channels that are not useful to me.
> Some are useless because they require a CAM that I do not have.
> Some are useless because they broadcast in a language that I
> do not understand.
> Some are useless because they show still pictures of scantily clad
> females and command me to call 900 numbers

For this purpose, I have the decruft plugin (You can have some kind of a
"Spam list" with regular expressions for channes you don't want) and the
autosort plugin (Can sort the channels based on custom rules).

Sadly, the autosort plugin is not maintained for some time now, and
won't longer work with VDR 1.6.0.

(both in German)



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