Simon Baxter wrote:
> Has anyone tried one of these new cards with VDR?
> Or any other DVB-C card supporting CI/CAM and MPEG-4 ?

mpeg4 is only a software thing, there is no h264 ff-card

i dont have one so this will only be a good guess:
cam-support -> the ci extension for all satelco cards (hdtv dvb-c,
dvb-s2, dvb-s, dvb-c) is the same
( and the wiki lists the dvb-s satelco card as clone of knc1, because
they using the same ci extension the dvb-c version will also be a knc1
clone (Satelco EasyWatch HDTV PCI (DVB-C) will be the same as the KNC
ONE TV-Station DVB-C Plus)
the knc1 dvb-s card does have linux ci support
so the dvb-c (hdtv) will also support it

beside this they look similar

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