Teemu Suikki schrieb:
> Has anyone written a direct UPnP/DLNA plugin, to stream out VDR
> recordings and live TV to PS3 or XBOX 360?
no something like that doesnt exist. I have used a cron to fetch the m3u 
of the channels list onto harddisc and mediatomb to serve it with upnp 
to my tg100. To my knowledge they are supporting PS3 and the latest 
version is also supporting transcoding - so this seems to be a good 
start. Missing is a recording list which can be done with some sort of 
hack with the streamdev plugin as well (greating  a file with the urls 
for recordings and streamdev externremox to serve the files.
> IMHO this would be a logical extension to the streamdev plugin. :)
see above - yes. This and the possibility to have some notification 
between mediatomb and streamdev-server this would be really nice.

Someone would need to do some work on the meditomb side ideally to write 
a custom import script to display it properly in the structure 
-according to mediatomb docs this should be fairly
> There is a good UPnP server available for linux, called Fuppes:
> http://fuppes.ulrich-voelkel.de/
not tried that - found mediatomb to look more interesting
> Fuppes can be used to stream VDR recordings, but so far I haven't been
> able to get live video to work.. And even with recordings you need to
> use transcoding because PS3 doesn't like MPEG-PES.

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