On 04/24/08 14:23, Harri Kukkonen wrote:
> Harri Kukkonen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> after upgrading to from to VDR 1.6.0 I have noticed that the 
>> DVB-subtitles stay on screen for about one second too long. The 
>> difference is noticeable compared to 1.4.7 with subtitles-plugin. 
>> Problem exists on both live-viewing and record-viewing. I use 
>> Fujitsu-Siemens DVB-C FF-card as output.
>> In addition I compared recordings of a same program from Finnish Yle TV1 
>> and TV1+ (TV1 has DVB-subtitles, TV1+ is same channel with subtitles 
>> "burned in" to video), and subtitles stayed on the dvb-subtitled 
>> recording about one second longer compared to the "burned in" video 
>> version. Subtitles start time seemed to be same on both versions. I can 
>> provide both recordings for testing if needed.
> I uploaded samples (90MB) to rapidshare: 
> http://rapidshare.com/files/110035063/dvbsubtest.tar.bz2.html
> In the file are 2 two minute recordings, from TV1 with dvb-subtitles and 
> TV1+ with burned in subtitles. There are good examples of the problem at 
> 0:15 and 0:30.

The timeouts are given in "seconds", and can be seen when the line

   static bool DebugConverter = false;

is set to "true" in dvbsubtitle.c. From what I can see in your example,
the timing appears right to me (although I haven't used a stopwatch,
just counted "twentyone", "twentytwo", etc).

Maybe you can do some more precise measurements, but as it stands now
I have the feeling that the "burned in" subtitles are shown too shortly.


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