"Simon Baxter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>>> Hi,
>>> I'm using vdr-1.6 and xineliboutput from cvs.
>>> I'm using it with freevo and vdr is controlled through
>>> xine-ui/vdr-sxfe by stdin.
>>> For instance I send "hitk Up" to vdr-sxfe or "EventUp" to xine-ui.
> Can you tell me more on how this works?  Are you running a standard freevo 
> rpm, or built from source?  How does the xineliboutput work with freevo, is 
> there any HOWTO?

I'm using freevo-1.x from svn.
I'm using debian and ubuntu. I'm installing kaa and freevo in
/usr/local/stow and using stow to make it available through the
standard paths.
(cd /usr/src/kaa; python setup.py install --prefix
/usr/local/stow/kaa; cd /usr/local/stow; stow kaa; ldconfig; cd
/usr/src/freevo; python setup.py install --prefix
/usr/local/stow/free; cd /usr/local/stow; stow free)

I then install vdrpylib (although i don't use it)
And I use a modified freevo-vdr plugin. (but i can't remember where to
get it) 

> How is this stdin key mapping working?

The freevo-vdr plugin catches and maps freevo events to vdr actions
that it passes through stdin.
(vdr can be controlled through xine when you use vdr or xineliboutput)

Sorry my english is not helping this evening.
Just run xine --stdctl 'xvdr://url/...#need_stuff' and type 'eventup'
(or vdr-sxfe --slave with 'hitk up')

Anyway if you're are interested i can give you the modified plugin i'm


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