could you show the syslog/xine/ffmeg outputs during this problem.
It seems to is ffmpeg problem


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Date: Fri,  2 May 2008 17:40:44 +0200
Subject: [vdr] Judder with interlaced channels

> I have some problems with interlaced channels on SD & HDTV. Judder and  
> jitter and its good visible when I using a SD channel with a  
> ticker-tape. If I tune to Discovery HD 1080i its shaking and stutter  
> around but 720P channel like National Geographic HD are smooth. I  
> don't know where to look at.
> My configurations  :
> 1.)  DualCore AMD , 2GB memory, Suse 10.3, vdr 1.6.0, regular dvb  
> drivers from suse dvd and tt budget  1500-ci (cam=aston 1.07)
> 2.)  SingleCore AMD, 1GB memory, Suse 10.3 vdr 1.7.0 multiproto dvb  
> drivers incl, some patches and  tt budget 3200-ci (cam=aston 1.07)
> Booth systems has the same problem and its not related to lnb or  
> signal. I have check it with my humax hdci 2000 and picture is very  
> good and smooth movements.
> After record some channels and ftp it to a windows system or apple its  
> visible to in for example Media Player or Media Player Classic. With  
> streamdev the same.
> Suggestions?
> Please help me out.
> Jean-Paul


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