I was running vdr-1.6.0 with vdr-xine-0.8.0 and upgraded (for no particular 
reason!) to vdr-xine-0.8.2.

I now have occasional audio/video sync issues when replaying recordings, often 
cured by stopping and restarting the playback.    This happens with new and 
old, previously good, recordings.

I also have a lot more video quality issues :
audio skips, 
messages like:
Apr 28 09:31:42 callin vdr: [12944] cAudioRepacker(0xC0): skipped 208 bytes to 
sync on next audio frame
Apr 28 09:31:42 callin vdr: [12944] PES packet shortened to 2526 bytes 
(expected: 2894 bytes)
but there has also been some cable upgrades in my area lately....so these might 
be unrelated?

I've tried downgrading back to 0.8.0 (by recompiling sources from Reinhard's 
website) but get "vdr-xine: Client connect failed!" messages.  So suspect I'd 
need to do something else if I want to "downgrade".

Any ideas?

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